Skin care solutions as Unique as you.

Puramint knows you want to look and feel great. How? Because we do too.

Your skin is often the first thing someone sees when they look at you. Skin conditions can make you not as confident or feel self-conscious. We understand that and want to help. We can provide customized solutions to help ease the burden of skin care. Many times, it is hard to keep track of all the products you need to use and when. In many situations, we can combine those products into one, more affordable, preparation or into a simple morning and night application.

Thoughtfully designed skin care Without harsh side effects

At Puramint we compound with the highest quality and most researched bases in the industry. This enables us to confidently provide you with the best skincare available. Here are a few of the ways we can help:

There are a lot of options for skin care in todays market. So many of them have ingredient lists a mile long. We know that the more you put on your body, there is a higher chance of a reaction or side effect. Puramint compounds with as few ingredients as possible in order to ensure you get the best results. Puramint uses hypo-allergenic bases where possible and can avoid any specific allergies you may have. You are unique, we believe your skincare should be too.


Pure, unique and trusted by Thousands.

Our products are made with the purest ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers.

Free from:


The short answer is no it does not. Those side effects are due to the irritation and the way tretinoin works to develop new skin. Our products are specifically designed to help combat those side effects so you can use your tretinoin whenever you want and not have to hide in your house for 3 days waiting on your skin to look normal again.

Yes. Benzoyl Peroxide becomes Hydrogen Peroxide when the Benzoyl Peroxide is exposed to air. This will permanently bleach fabrics. The best solution is to always avoid getting the medication on any fabrics. Puramint pharmacists are happy to counsel you on any specific questions.

The products refered to as compounded medications are not available without a prescription. 

Yes, compounding can often combine appropriate medications into one cream to help with patient compliance and cost. Call or text Puramint to learn more.

Most of the time these compounds will not be covered by insurance. However, we do our best to offer fair and competitive pricing.

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