AutoImmune Conditions


AutoImmune Conditions

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Puramint pharmacists know this is what patients with autoimmune conditions fight with everyday.

Over 23.5 million people in the United States are affected by autoimmune conditions. These people have been told there is no cure, all they can do is take or inject medications that reduce their overall immune function to mitigate the disease. It can seem hopeless. While there is no cure, there is hope.  Low Dose Naltrexone is being used for many kinds of autoimmune diseases. 

Take control of your life with Low Dose Naltrexone

Puramint pharmacists are experts in Low Dose Naltrexone therapy. They can help guide you to find your ideal dose of Low Dose Naltrexone. Puramint offers all kinds of dosage forms like capsules, sublingual drops, troches, and even topical creams. See below for a few conditions that Low Dose Naltrexone is being used in.

One major difference in using Low Dose Naltrexone for an autoimmune condition is that it does not lower your ability to fight infection like many commercial medications. It modulates your internal immune response and can help your immune system return to normal. This enables you to go and do what you love with more confidence.

AutoImmune Conditions
AutoImmune Conditions

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An autoimmune disease is when your body’s immune system does not recognize your own tissues and subsequently attacks itself as if those tissues were a foreign substance.

It is complicated. Only well-trained providers should attempt to transition someone from opiods to low dose natlrexone. Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors that allow the opiods to help with pain. subsequently when done incorrectly, the patient can experience breakthrough pain. Do not lose hope. The transition can be done by well trained providers. Puramint pharmacists are happy to help.

It can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Many pharmacies are not well versed in the making of LDN with the most researched capsule fillers, topical, or transdermal bases. Puramint pharmacists have been making LDN for over 9 years and have experience in formulating all types of dosage forms.

It vary’s widely between patients. I have seen results as quickly as the next day and some patients need at least 6-12 months.

Most of the time these compounds will not be covered by insurance. However, we do our best to offer fair and competitive pricing.

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