Combating the Opioid Epidemic with Innovative Treatments

Everyday in the United States, 41 people lose their lives due to opioid prescription overdose.1 National Pain Awareness Month is not only a time to bring awareness that chronic pain is real and that it can affect you emotionally, physically, and mentally, but that opioid abuse and misuse exists. Opioids are often prescribed after surgeries and trauma events like car accidents and to treat chronic pain, but they can have dangerous side effects. How can


National Pain Awareness Month: Breaking the Painful Stigma

It may seem odd that September is National Pain Awareness Month since you know when you are in pain. This is a time to bring awareness to not ignore your pain, accept it as a valid problem, and seek treatment to maximize your quality-of-life. Pain is the most common cause of disability in the United States, that is more than cancer and heart disease combined!1 Over 100 million people in the United States experience chronic


Chrononutrition and Nutritional Supplements: The Best Timing for Your Health

Have you ever taken a nutritional supplement like Vitamin B and thought it did not work well one day, then you took it at a different time another day and it helped? You felt more energized and ready for the day! Your body functions in the form of patterns known as circadian rhythms to promote sleep, eating, and other activities. It makes sense to time our nutrients based on our body’s needs and activities like


The Breakdown of Animal and Plant Proteins: Benefits and Risks

Did you know 100 calories of broccoli has more protein, vitamins, minerals, and less fat than 100 calories of steak? But which protein source is better – animal or plant? Does it matter? Does animal protein increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? Is plant protein a poor source? There is conflicting research and information on this topic, but like how your body uses protein, we break down all the nutritious facts here! What is protein?1,2


The Five Benefits of Collagen

What’s the body’s largest organ that offers protection and is your first defense against harm? If you said your skin, you’re correct! The skin is made up of about a trillion cells and gets its strength from a protein called collagen.1 It is important that it is well taken care of. You may be familiar with collagen’s ability to slow down the process of aging skin or reduce wrinkles. Maybe you have lotions or shampoo


Debunking The Top 7 Diabetes Myths

Being overweight or obese, lazy, acting as a ‘couch potato,’ over-eating, having a ‘sweet tooth,’ causing diabetes on yourself, or doing something wrong during pregnancy – these are common stigmas associated with diabetes. These stigmas are not only socially, mentally, and emotionally damaging to those with diabetes, but they are simply not true and can lead to misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, as diabetes is becoming more common, so are the myths. Diabetes is a highly misunderstood disease.



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